Why Fitbit is not suitable for children

      Wearable technologies like Fitbit may not be suitable for We have noticed a huge increase in the numbers of with wearable technology in classrooms all over the country. One of the most popular by far are Fitbit Ace for . We have a number of serious concerns regarding the use… Continue reading Why Fitbit is not suitable for children


Bullies, porn and boys

  The Ana Kriégel murder: What it taught us about bullying, porn and boys article by Jennifer O Connell, in last week’s Sunday Irish Times, evokes more questions than there are answers for at present. However, it's a must read for every parent and any individual who engages with . It offers us a perspective… Continue reading Bullies, porn and boys


GTA Online launches The Diamond Casino & Resort – Should parents be concerned?

On 23rd July 2019, Rockstar’s GTA Online launched The Diamond Casino and Resort. So should parents be concerned with this latest game update? The simplest answer is YES?

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Parental Controls for YouTube

  YouTube for YouTube are essential if you are going to permit a child to access the platform. There is an incredible amount of content on YouTube, which is entirely unsuitable for . Channels which promote, self-harm, suicide, pornography, the list is endless. Many parents have also encountered popular 's cartoons,… Continue reading Parental Controls for YouTube


Smartphones make access to child porn easy

A West Cork Judge has warned of the dangers and journeys into “the dark side of human behaviour”, through the access of child pornography content on smartphones. Judge James McNulty made his comments as he convicted a Martin Hayes, aged 37, from Clonakilty, Co Cork for possession of child pornographic images discovered by authorities on his iPhone. Judge McNulty also issued a stern warning to those tempted to access such content, noting that the societal implications of a conviction were far worse than a prison sentence.


From Addiction to Self-Esteem issues – Teens Social Media Experience

Teens spend a fair part of their day in the online world. There is a vast array of Social Media sites and Apps, to explore and to be part of. This has now become the primary method of staying in contact with friends, a way for them to express and define who they are. Social media has become a platform for teens to develop new friendships and interests. But when you spend so much time online, does it eventually have an effect of you mental health. Or even perhaps on your social skills

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Irish woman a victim of Online Image Abuse after male posts her images on porn sites

A 21 year old Irish woman, Daire Hickey McGovern, took to the National airwaves yesterday, speaking on RTE’s ‘Live Line’. She described, how her image abuse experience. Images were harvested without her knowledge, or consent from Facebook, and then uploaded to pornographic websites. Speaking openly she stated, "I was afraid that when people would google me, the first thing that would come up is photos of me on a porn site,"

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Images of women taken from Social Media weaponised to create Fake Porn Videos

  A new threat has emerged, and it is putting puts both adults and at risk of appearing in pornographic videos. A number of women found to their horror, images put on their own Social Media profiles, were superimposed, over the faces of porn actress in videos. The seamlessly grafted images in these videos… Continue reading Images of women taken from Social Media weaponised to create Fake Porn Videos


A Christmas Message from @COTDAge

A Christmas Message Since founding of the Digital Age, a company with the sole purpose of protecting online. I have dedicated a very large piece of myself, to identifing the many dangers faced by and adults in an online enviornment. Then developing ways to protect against it, and bringing this knowledge to… Continue reading A Christmas Message from @COTDAge

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As Faceboook reveals another Privacy Breach we must begin protecting children’s Online Privacy

It was revelled this week, Facebook permitted third party companies such as Spotify, Microsoft and others to access, not only your personal information, contacts, posts, likes, etc. but also all your private messages on Messenger. This not only enabled third parties to access your messages, but also to create and delete messages in your name.