Setting up a Family Management Account on PlayStation Network


Playstation Network Safety Settings

In order to use the PlayStation Network Safety Settings, you must be over 18. Once you have created an account for yourself, you can then create sub-accounts on the Play Station Network for your , which are then linked to your own account. This enables you to have full control over the various Parental Restrictions which can be placed on this sub-account, restricting how you child can interact across on the PlayStation platform and range of products.

The creation of your own PlayStation Network Account is a prerequisite for setting up Parental Controls on all PlayStation devices.

Restrictions Available

    • Chatting
    • In App purchasing
    • Internet Browser Access
    • Inappropriate Content


Setting up a PlayStation Network Account

  • Click on this link, scroll down the webpage and click on Join Now. Enter your details as required to create a new account.
  • If you already have a PlayStation Network Account, log in by selecting Sign in to PSN
  • Once signed to your account select the Account Settings tab which is under the Profile Picture and confirm your log in details.
  • Select the Family Management option from the menu
  • You will see your own account on the right of the screen listed as Family Manager
  • You can also now add your children's account, if they have an existing PlayStation Network Account or create a new account for them by selecting the Add Family Member option




Adding a Family Member

  • On selecting Add Family Member, you will be asked to confirm you own account details and enter your password before proceeding
  • When adding a family member you will be asked to add the family member as an adult or a child. Ensure you select the Add a Child option
  • Enter your child's details when prompted on the screen. You can use your own email address if you wish for their account
  • You will also have to select a username and password to protect their account. Once completed select I Agree, when the sign up is completed
  • In order to verify the sub-account you have created you need to open up the email account you have used to sign the child up with, open the email and click on the link attached


Family Management Parental Controls

  • Parental Controls can now be set up for your child's account. You can set up Play Time to apply to PlayStation devices the child has logged in with their account. The time allocation can be fixed or varied on different days of the week. You can also add or reduce Play Time there and then if you wish.


Application and Devices PS4

Age Level for Games

  • Set the control level for playing games that have parental control restrictions. The lower the level the tighter the control. The age levels are
      • Level 1 : Age 0 or Older (Approximation)
      • Level 2 : Age 3 or Older (Approximation)
      • Level 3 : Age 6 or Older (Approximation)
      • Level 4 : Age 10 or Older (Approximation)
      • Level 5 : Age 12 or Older (Approximation)
      • Level 6 : Age 12 or Older (Approximation)
      • Level 7 : Age 15 or Older (Approximation)
      • Level 8 : Age 15 or Older (Approximation)
      • Level 9 : Age 18 or Older (Approximation)
      • Level 10 : Age 18 or Older (Approximation)
      • Level 11 : Age 18 or Older (Approximation)
      • Allowed – All content permitted




Age Level for Blu-ray Disc and DVD Videos

  • Here you can set the age restriction or content level for playing a DVD or Blu-Ray
  • You can also select the Country or Region for Parental Control. This refers to the age rating system set in that country.


Use of PlayStation VR

  • The use of the PlayStation VR headset is not for use by children under the age of 12. This option can be turned off by selecting the NOT Allowed Option


Use of the Internet Browser

  • We recommended that you do not allow the use of the PlayStation Internet Browser. This option can be turned off by selecting the NOT Allowed Option


Network Features

Communicating with Other Players

  • Prevent chatting or messaging with players (including your child's Friends) on PlayStation Network. Turn off this option by selecting the NOT Allowed


Viewing Content Created by Other Players

  • Prevent the display of videos, images and text created and shared by players on PlayStation Network. Turn off this option by selecting the NOT Allowed


Monthly Spending Limit

  • Limit the total amount your family member can spend on content in a calendar month. Only a family member can add money to the wallet. You can leave this at €0 or set a limit



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