XBox One Safety Settings


XBox One Safety Settings

There are a number of XBox One Safety Settings available for parents to apply.


Restrictions Available

    • Age Ratings
    • Inappropriate content
    • Internet Browser Access
    • Online Purchasing
    • Online Chat




Setting up Parental Controls

  • On the Xbox one dashboard select the Settings option
  • Then select Privacy & online safety where a number of options will be available
    • Child defaults – More private
    • Teen defaults – Moderate
    • Adult defaults – More social
    • Custom
  • In order to restrict all adult content for a young console user, select Child defaults
  • The Content Restrictions include
    • Access to Content
    • Web Filtering
    • Descriptions in OneGuide – Explicit Text
    • Contact Preferences
  • You also have the option to select Custom to customise the settings according to the specific needs of the child
  • On the Child and Online Safety Summary page that opens you will have two options
    • Use for HGOffspring
    • Use, but Customize
  • Select Use, but customise
  • On the Customize privacy and online safety for HGOffspring page the opens there are several default privacy settings such as
    • Buy and Download
    • Join multiplayer games
    • Use video for communications
    • Content & apps. . Etc.
  • Select the relevant options according to the specific needs of the child
  • Ensure you review the settings under Content & apps
  • Select Access to content & apps menu to open the HGOffspring's access to content & apps Here you can set the age ratings for content accessed on the device




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