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Safety Settings and Parental Controls

Welcome to the Children of the Digital Age Resources for Parents, Safety Centre. Here you will find links for a wide variety of Safety Settings and Parental Control guides. If your having difficulty finding information on an App or platform not featured here, please get in contact with us. We strongly advise that Restriction, and Monitoring Parental Controls are installed on all decices have access to in the home.


Essential Account Safety for Parents and Kids

Before you begin looking at the all of the information available here, it's important for you to protect your own device and online accounts. One of the most important settings you will ever need to activate for any online account, is the Two-Factor Authentication option. Please ensure that you take the time to understand the importance of this security feature. To help you, we have prepared this handy guide to explain it for you.






Popular App Safety Settings

Facebook Settings 2021Instagram-Safety-SettingsTikTok-Parental-Controls-&-Safety-Settings Houseparty-App-Safety-SettingsSnapchat-Parental-Safety-Controls










Amazon Safety Settings









Apple Safety Settings

Apple_Safety_SettingsFamily Sharing on Apple Device

Parental Controls for Apple Devices

Apple HomePod Safety Settings



Google Safety Settings









TV and Movie Streaming Safety Settings





All_4_Safety_SettingsNowTV_Safety_SettingsEirVision_Safety_Settings SkyQ_Safety_SettingsVirgin_Media_Safety_Settings








Gaming Platforms






Nintendo_WiiU_Safety_Settings XBox_360_Safety_SettingsXBox_One_Safety_Settings






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