All 4 Safety Settings




All 4 Safety Settings

All 4 is the umbrella website for all of the various channels broadcast by Channel 4. The All 4 Safety Settings and Parental Controls operate by Pin restricting content with two options available, under 16 years and under 18 years.


Restrictions Available  

    • Inappropriate content


Setting up Parental Controls

  • ​Open
  • Select Sign in to My4 in the menu
  • If you do not already have an account select Register and follow the on screen instructions using your email address and creating a Password
  • Once registered enter your Email address and Password to sign in to your account
  • Select Parental Controls
  • When prompted select All rated content 16+ and/or Rated content 18+ content
  • You will need to enter a 4-digit PIN
  • Confirm the Terms and Conditions by ticking the option
  • This will enable the 4-digit PIN which will now be required to view any contacted rated above the restrictions selected.




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