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Video Guides for Parents and

Welcome to the Video Guides for Parents, Children and Teens. Here you will find several items, all of which are age appropriate to help your child or teen, understand important online dangers they may encounter.

The videos are accompanied by informative Free eBooks' which you can download to help deal with these issues as a family.

Please feel free to share the contents of this page with other parents and those who work with young children.



Kiko and the hand

Kiko and the hand is a short video which is accompanied by a colourful bedtime story book. It is intended for children between the ages of 4 to 7 years old.

It teaches children the importance of what parts of the body it is acceptable to touch, and which area of the body is not, specifically inside a child's underwear.

This is an essential concept for children to understand as it can help prevent a child from being sexually exploited or abused, in both the real and online world.



Download Kiko_and_the_Hand_EBook




Kiko and the Manymes

Kiko and the Manymes is a short video which is accompanied by a colourful bedtime story book. It is intended for children between the ages of 4 to 7 years old.

This video teaches a few basic rules about the use of screens and the importance of a child protecting their image and privacy.



Download Kiko and the Manymes_Parent_and_Child_ebook



Tell someone you trust

“Tell someone you trust” offers children aged between 9 and 13, the possibility to understand this issue through one girl's story. It explains what sexual violence is, as well as how children can be protected from it.

This video was created in conjunction with children, for children. It aims to protect children from violence, especially from sexual violence and sexual abuse.



Download Tell_someone_you_trust_Parent_and_Child_ebook





So this is Sexual Abuse

So this is Sexual Abuse is a guidebook for parents and children aged 9 to 13. It breaks down in detail what constitutes sexual abuse and exploitation. It helps families understand the rights of the child, what you should do, and what happens next in the event a child becomes a victim.

It is essential for every teen to be fully aware about how sexual abuse and exploitation takes, place both online and off. Ensure that if a child or teen ever feels like they can't discuss this topic with you as a parent, that there is another trusted adult available to them whom they can speak to.



Download So_This_Is_Sexual_Abuse




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