WiiU Safety Settings


WiiU Safety Settings

There are only a small number of WiiU safety settings available. Parents should ensure they are activated.


Restrictions Available

    • Age Ratings
    • Internet Browser Access
    • Inappropriate Content
    • Online Chatting
    • Online and In Game Spending
    • Time Limits




Setting up Parental Controls Account

  • ​On the Wii U Menu select Parental Controls
  • Read the following messages by selecting Next or press the A button on the controller to dismiss them
  • When prompted on screen enter a four digit PIN and then select OK
  • When prompted to select a secret question that will be used in case you forget your PIN, select OK
  • Select one of the questions to answer and select OK
  • When prompted enter an email address and select Next or press the A button and complete the registration




Setting up Parental Controls

  • On the Wii U Menu select Parental Controls
  • Enter your four digit PIN
  • When the Parental Controls screen opens, use the arrows or left and right on the d-pad to select which restrictions you wish to apply
  • Select the user and use the press up/down on the d-pad to navigate to the various setting which include


Internet Channel

You can permit or restrict use of the browser, we recommend restricting it


News Channel

You can permit or restrict access to the News Channel


Wii Messages

Wii consoles can only send and receive messages if both Wii users have entered each other's Wii numbers in their Address Books. You can disable the Wii console's ability to send and receive messages from other Wii consoles. System updates will still be received


Use of Wii Points

You can permit or restrict access to Wii Points are used to acquire downloads from the Wii Shop Channel. If this setting is on, users will be required to enter the 4-digit PIN to use Wii Points to download items from the Wii Shop Channel

  • Select the settings you wish to change or press the A button.
  • To save your choices select the Back option or press the B button to exit and save your changes
  • The four-digit PIN number will be required if the user tries to access content that is now restricted




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