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Amazon Echo Parental Controls

Your Amazon Echo is controlled by the Amazon Household service, which operates as a master Parental Control that covers all Amazon devices. There are also other Parental Controls which you can be add directly to the device itself. Parental Controls are often overlooked for this device. and young infants have been exposed to some harmful content, when the device misinterpreted what the chilld had said and made adult content available. There are also a number of privacy concerns relating to Amazon's handling of user's personal data captured by the device.


Restrictions Available

  • Apps Access
  • In App purchasing
  • Online games


Creating and setting up your Amazon Household Account

  • Log into your Amazon account
  • Under Accounts and Lists, select Your Account
  • Select Shopping programmes and rentals and then select Amazon Household
  • Now select Add a child and then enter the your child's details
  • Then select Manage Your Content and Devices to control what your child can access and purchase on the devices they have access to
  • Finally select a pin code and disable voice purchasing to prevent any unauthorised purchases



  • Open the Alexa App or on your smartphone and select the menu icon
  • Select Settings and scroll down to Voice Purchasing
  • Choose a 4-digit pin then select Save to set up the pin. You can also disable voice purchasing


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