SkyQ Safety Settings


SKY Q Safety Settings

Included in the SkyQ Safety Settings is Kids Safe Mode which prevents from viewing inappropriate content while watching TV. You will need to know your Sky Pin to enable this feature. This four-digit Pin Code is usually on the Sky Card. It is advisable to change this Pin and keep the new one safe.


Restrictions Available

    • Internet Browser Access
    • Inappropriate Content
    • Time Limits




Setting up Safe mode

  • To enable the Kids Safe Mode firstly open the Browser on your Sky box
  • Go to the Kids section where you will see an option to select Safe Mode. Swipe right on the remote control and then press Select
  • Once prompted, enter your Sky Pin Number to confirm you wish to activate the Safe Mode Once the Sky Pin Number has been entered the Sky Box will be locked and only allow access to children's content until you turn off Safe Mode by re-entering your Sky Pin Number
  • We would not advise that you leave the feature turned off as it removes the need to enter a Pin Number to view content


Age Ratings

  • Under Age Ratings you can choose the age rating for content which will require the Pin number to be accessed


Apps & videos 

  • Under the Apps & Videos heading you can block access to online videos and various online Apps





Setting up Family Settings

  • As well as Safe Mode, there is also a Family Setting which activates Pin Number Protection for accessible content. To activate this feature press the Home button on your Sky Q remote control
  • Select the Settings option and then the Parental option
  • Enter your Sky Pin Number and select Family, then Family Settings
  • Select On to Pin Protect all categories listed under Family



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