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PlayStation 4 Parental Controls

Parental controls for the PS4 allow parents restrict games and apps that have a more mature content. It is possible to disable the internet browser, to customise the content displayed in the PlayStation Store and to restrict how your child engages with others on the PlayStation Network. With gaming becoming increasingly popular, parental controls are essential to prevent strangers accessing on many of the now popular Massive Multi-player Online Games such as Fortnite. In order to have full parental control over the device, parents will need their own PlayStation Account which will be the master account. All other accounts will then be signed up for under this. The advantage to this, is being able to access and control many of the device gaming settings from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.


Restrictions Available

  • Apps Access
  • Game Ratings
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Online Games
  • Privacy and Identity Theft
  • Purchasing Options
  • Location Sharing


Setting up the PlayStation 4

  • Firstly you need to have an existing PlayStation Network account. If you don't have one, please click on this link to sign up for a PlayStation Network account.
  • Now you can log into the PlayStation 4 using your PlayStation Network account
  • To access the Main Menu press the up button on the PlayStation Controller and move along to the right through the various options until you have highlighted the Settings Press the X Button to open the Settings menu
  • Scroll down through the options and select Parental Controls/Family Management


PS4 System Restrictions

  • Now select PS4 System Restrictions. You will be prompted to enter a PIN number for the system, the default PIN number is 0000
  • Once PS4 System Restrictions is open, select Change System Restriction Passcode to change the system default passcode from 0000 to a code you will remember
  • You now need to select New User Creation and Guest Login, it is necessary to block the creating of new profiles as the Parental Controls you are setting up will not apply to a New User
  • Now select the Default Parental Controls option by pressing the X Button, to create restrictions on the entire console. Press the O Button to return to the Parental Controls/Family Management menu


Family Management

  • Next select the Family Management option by pressing the X button. Sign in using your existing or new PlayStation Network Account. This account is known as a Parent Account
  • Now select the Set Up Now If you have not verified the email address associated with your new PlayStation Network Account, you will need to do this. Be sure to check the Spam Folder in your email account as the verification email might be there if you have only just created the PlayStation Network Account
  • Once you have verified you Play Station Network Account select Already Verified and then select ContinueSelect Create User and enter your child's details and then select Next, and then select Accept


Add Family Member

  • Create User to add a new user, and enter your child's details and then select Next, and then select Accept
  • Enter Sign-In ID for an existing account that your child may already have or
  • Select who you want to add to your family from accounts currently signed in to the device
  • Once you have created a profile for your child, or added them by entering their PlayStation Network Account details, select the profile. You will see a new menu with the following options


Parental Controls and Play Time Settings

Change Play Time for Today

  • Here you can add or reduce the time permitted using the device


Play Time Settings

  • Here you can set the play time durations and playable hours. Restrictions can be set for each day of the week. When play Time ends you have the option for the system Log Out until the permitted times allowed, or Notify Only which notifies the child their allocated time limit has expired. This option enables the child to continue playing after the warning.


Duration and Playable Hours

  • Here you can select the duration of time per day the child is permitted to play on the device.


Parental Controls – Application and Devices PS4

Age Level for Games

  • Set the control level for playing games that have parental control restrictions. The lower the level the tighter the control. The age levels are
    • Level 1 : Age 0 or Older (Approximation)
    • Level 2 : Age 3 or Older (Approximation)
    • Level 3 : Age 6 or Older (Approximation)
    • Level 4 : Age 10 or Older (Approximation)
    • Level 5 : Age 12 or Older (Approximation)
    • Level 6 : Age 12 or Older (Approximation)
    • Level 7 : Age 15 or Older (Approximation)
    • Level 8 : Age 15 or Older (Approximation)
    • Level 9 : Age 18 or Older (Approximation)
    • Level 10 : Age 18 or Older (Approximation)
    • Level 11 : Age 18 or Older (Approximation)
    • Allowed – All content permitted


Age Level for Blu-ray Disc and DVD Videos

  • Here you can set the age restriction or content level for playing a DVD or Blu-Ray
  • You can also select the Country or Region for Parental Control. This refers to the age rating system set in that country.


Use of PlayStation VR

  • The use of the PlayStation VR headset is not for use by children under the age of 12. This option can be turned off by selecting the NOT Allowed Option


Use of the Internet Browser

  • We recommended that you do not allow the use of the PlayStation Internet Browser. This option can be turned off by selecting the NOT Allowed Option


Network Features

Communicating with Other Players

  • Prevent chatting or messaging with players (including your child's Friends) on PlayStation Network. This option can be turned off by selecting the NOT Allowed Option


Viewing Content Created by Other Players

  • Prevent the display of videos, images and text created and shared by players on PlayStation Network. This option can be turned off by selecting the NOT Allowed Option


Monthly Spending Limit

  • Limit the total amount your family member can spend on content in a calendar month. Regardless of this setting, funds can only be added to this wallet by the family member. You can leave this at €0 or set a limit.
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