Android Safety Settings


Android Safety Settings

There are several Android Safety Settings which parents should consider enabling. While there are parental controls for the Play Store, these are restricted to the App itself. For securing the device itself you can use Google Family Link. The App Parental Controls allow you to set the maturity level for Apps that can be downloaded and you can also set a PIN code for purchases. When setting up your child's Android smartphone, a Google Gmail account and password will be required. You can use your own Gmail account or create an account for your child.


Restrictions Available

    • Apps Access
    • In App purchasing
    • Online Gaming


Google Play Store

  • Open the Google Play Store App
  • Swipe right and select the Menu
  • From the menu scroll down and select Settings
  • Scroll down and select Parental Controls
  • To activate the Parental Controls option swipe the toggle button to the right
  • You will be prompted to create a Pin Code
  • It is possible to set restrictions for Apps & Games, Films, TV, Magazines and Music accessed via the Play Store. Restrictions are Age Rated


App purchases and In-App purchases

You can also enable require Google to ask for the account password when making any purchases.

  • Go to the Settings menu within the Play Store App
  • Scroll down and select Require authentication for purchases
  • On the Require authentication pop-up window you can select from the following options

Require Authentication for All purchases, Every 30-minutes after inputting your password, or Never


Installing Applications from Unknown Sources

It is important to block devices from being able to install applications from services other than the Google Play store. Apps downloaded from Unknown Sources may contain malicious content which may be harmful to the device and could pose a risk to the security and integrity of the device.


  • On your device swipe the screen down and select Settings
  • In the Settings menu scroll down and select Lock screen and security
  • Then scroll down to the option Unknown sources. Ensure that the toggle switch is set to off, if it is on swipe to the left to disable



  • Once completed return to the user's menu options and select the new restricted user you have just created and then select all of the Apps you want restricted access too. It is good practice to restrict the use of Calculator Apps as these can be used to hide content on devices
  • A password will now be required every time you want to log into you own account, the unrestricted user
  • It is recommended that you also use Ubhind and App Lock to restrict access to the Settings Menu and the Google Play Store
  • Idealy Google Family Link should also be installed on the decice



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