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Bio – Jason O Mahony MSc



Jason O Mahony MSc.

Jason O Mahony is a qualified Forensic Computing and Cybercrime investigator who received a First Class Honours Master of Sciences Degree from UCD in 2015. Jason worked as a member of An Garda Siochana for over 20 years. During this time, he was involved in countless high-profile investigations of national interest. He is also an MSc researcher in Cyberpsychology and a postgraduate student of psychology at a Masters level.

In 2016, Jason O Mahony founded of the Digital Age (CODA) in Ireland. The company was established to meet the increasing need for online safety and security education, with the aim of providing engaging and informative presentations and workshops for teachers, parents and children on how to use the internet and digital devices safely. He offers practical advice and solutions to help everyone have a positive and secure online experience.

In 2019, Jason began to collaborate with a number of international game-changing entities in the area of child and female protection around the world. He headed a global financial investigation into the finances of the porn giant Mindgeek, and became an active member in several worldwide child advocacy task force committees. In 2020, Jason published his first Online Safety book for parents. The publication was brought to print by the UK based Anti-Virus company http://www.wardwiz.co.uk. This book has now been converted into a free App which can be downloaded here.

Since 2021, Jason has expanded his knowledge of online safety education by maintaining his interest in Cyberpsychology and generative AI. He has also founded Children of the Digital Age South Africa, a Not for Profit organisation. Recently, this has been expanded into other parts of Africa with the establishment of Children of the Digital Age Zimbabwe.

As an acknowledged international public speaker in the area of online safety, Jason continues his work in this ever-expanding area.


Bio – James Neary



James Neary, is a Director at Children of the Digital Age, he has over a decade experience in law enforcement, most of which has been spent in the field of Online Child Exploitation Investigations. The extensive experience accumulated, from identifying victims and offenders. James has received many commendations for his work in this area both in Ireland and abroad, including being acknowledged by the American Fedral Buearu of Investigation (FBI), for joint investigations. The Legislative knowledge James has pertaining Online Child Exploitation, is second to very few.

James has attained enormous experience and knowledge over the years. This enables Children of the Digital Age to benifit from the knowledge of tactics used by online sexual offenders who would target children. Knowledge of the techniques used in grooming and exploitation, is critical for preventing harm to children. This ensures that we are able to develop our presentations, ensuring that they both relevant and in touch with current online trends.

Bio – Mick Moran, Specialist Advisor to Children of the Digital Age

Mick Moran

Mick Moran is the former Assistant Director Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation, Vulnerable Communities Office (VCO) at INTERPOL. This unit deals with crimes against people and includes trafficking in human beings, illegal migrant smuggling and crimes against children, currently a seconded official from An Garda Síochána. Mick is the leader of the team that specialises in online child exploitation, human trafficking people smuggling. He started work in this field at a national level in Ireland in 1997 and started globally with Interpol in 2006.

He has a MSc (Hons.) in Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation from University College Dublin, and holds a BA (Hons.) IT preceded by a Higher Diploma in IT from Institute of Public Administration in Dublin. Mick holds a diploma in Project Management, from University College Cork in conjunction with the Institute of Project Management in Ireland.

Children of the Digital Age are extremely fortunate and grateful to have such an incredibly important and knowledgeable individual in the area of Child Exploitation involved.

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