Amazon Prime Safety Settings


Amazon Prime Safety Settings

To set up the Amazon Prime safety settings, you will need a registered Amazon account and to have enabled Amazon Prime. These settings afford parents the ability not only to restrict content based on age, but also on individual devices also.


Restrictions Available

    • In App Purchasing
    • Inappropriate Content


Setting up Parental Controls and Viewing Restrictions

  • ​First go to the homepage and select Sign in
  • If you have registered an account, then enter your Email address and account Password
  • If you haven't already created an account, select Register
  • Follow the onscreen prompts and enter your details
  • Once you have signed in to your account, select Your Prime Video
  • Now select the Settings option
  • Scroll down through the options to Parental Controls
  • You will be asked to Create your Amazon Video Pin
  • Enter a 4 digit PIN
  • Then select Save


How to set up Purchase Restrictions

  • In order to enable restrictions on purchases, ensure a PIN is required select PURCHASE RESTRICTIONS
  • Activate the Pin on Purchase option by selecting YES


How to set up Viewing Restrictions and Selecting Certain Devices

  • In order to enable content restrictions select VIEWING RESTRICTIONS adjust the slider to highlight in green the specific Age Categories that will NOT require a PIN to access.
  • Press Save to update your settings


There are a number of options here

  • U           Universal Content          Under 12 years
  • PG         Parental Guidance /Over 12 years some content may not be suitable for under 12
  • 15                                                     Over 15 years
  • 18                                                     Over 18 years


Please note that you can select which connected devices will have viewing restrictions applied to them

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