Cyber Safety Presentations designed specifically to meet your needs


Primary and Post Primary School Presentations

We combine a Parental Cyber Defence module with the Primary and Post Primary student module, to create a greater awareness and understanding between and parents with the primary emphasis on communication and the protection of all the family from online harm.







Presentations for individuals with Special Needs or intellectual disabilities

We are one of the few companies in Ireland who have designed and delivered, content to those with special needs or intellectual disabilities and their parents. We create content to cater specific groups according to the needs and requirements of a group.







Third Level Institute Presentations

Our focus here for students of third level institutes, is on Mental Health and Wellbeing combined with Online Reputation Management and methods of Online Sterilisation to repair a damaged Digital Footprint. The ability of employers to use Open Source Information to profile potential candidates for future employment is an important consideration, which could have a potentially negative impact of career choices.






Teaching Staff Presentations

Teaching staff are at the front line and play an important roll in the lives of children. Often they can be the first to become aware of an online issue. We provide a module which complies with Child First Guidelines for first responders to data incidents. We also highlight the importance of boundries in an online world, the importance of staff members Online Reputation, Digital Footprint and Privacy.






Corporate / Keynote Speaker Presentations

We have successfully presented at everything from Conferences to Local Community based Information evenings. We address current and topical online issues ranging from the negative harm of Pornography to the impact of ransomware on business.

We can design modules for Corporates who wish to provide presentations for staff. These presentations can be adapted to address any particular online area of interest.




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