XBox 360 Safety Settings



XBox 360 Safety Settings

There are a small number of XBox 360 Safety Settings available for parents to apply.


Restrictions Available

    • Age Ratings
    • Online Chat
    • Inappropriate content
    • In-App/Game Purchasing
    • Internet Browser Access




Setting up Parental Controls

  • Switch on the console
  • Select the Settings menu
  • Then select the Family option
  • All of the accounts that are regestered on the device will appear here
  • Move across the screen and select Content Controls
  • Activate the Parental Controls menu by selecting ON option
  • You can customise your parental settings according to the needs of the child. The options available are
    • Ratings and Content
    • Family Timer
    • Xbox LIVE Access
    • Xbox LIVE Membership Creation
    • Change Pass Code
    • Reset to Default Settings
  • Select Save and Exit
  • You will be prompted to create a pass code and pass code question
  • Then select Save and Exit




Setting up Privacy and Online Settings

  • Select the Settings menu
  • Then select the Family option
  • All of the accounts that are registered on the device will appear here
  • Select the User Account you wish to apply the setting to
  • Now select the Privacy & Online Settings section
  • At the bottom of the block select Change Settings
  • A number of Options will become available
    • Adult
    • Teen
    • Child
    • Custom
    • Customize
  • Select the appropriate age profile for the user
  • Hit the Customize option
  • You will now be able to select the appropriate Privacy and Online Settings under the following areas
    • Online Gameplay
    • Friend Requests
    • Purchase Content
    • Video Communication
    • Web browsing
    • Profile Sharing
    • Kinetic Sharing
    • Social Network Sharing
    • Game Activity
    • Friends List
    • Voice Data Collection. . Etc.
  • Once the appropriate selections have been made to meet the specific needs of the child select Save Settings
  • NOTE – It can take a few hours for the selected settings to come in to effect



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