Sky Go Safety Settings


SKY GO Safety Settings

There are several Sky Go Safety Settings. These controls require a PIN number and not the same as your Sky TV subscriptions. This relates to the online access of content on the Sky platform. To activate the service you will require an email address, your Sky ID, password and the bank account details used for subscription. If you have signed up for the service, you will require your Sky ID and password to access use the Parental Controls.


Restrictions Available

    • Inappropriate Content




Setting up Content Restrictions

  • First go to website and select Sign in
  • If you don't have a Sky account select Sign up and follow the on screen instructions
  • If you do have a Sky account select My Sky from the menu at the top
  • Now select Sky Go PIN
  • On screen you will see options for the Access Level you can set on all of your Sky Go devices
  • Once you select a level you will be prompted to create a 4 digit PIN Code
  • When accessing content on Sky Go, the PIN will be required if attempting to access the content you have chosen to restrict





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