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Since founding , a company with the sole purpose of protecting online. I have dedicated a very large piece of myself, to identifing the many dangers faced by children and adults in an online enviornment. Then developing ways to protect against it, and bringing this knowledge to adults, parents and children all over the country.

A Personal Journey

Some of you will know, I had to spend time in hospital in January and February of 2018. The beginning of 2018, was a very hard and difficult time for me personally, having had to struggle against enormous personal loss, under unimaginable adversity and unbelievible circumstances. I was very fortunate to have the support of my family and friends, both old and new, to help me through this time. It was the most humbling experience of my life, but one which has been an incredible transition rather than a tragedy. I honestly can't thank all of you enough.


Children of the Digital Age also provided me with a means to restore a belief in myself. I am so fortunate, to have something brought from just an concept, to a reality. Something that fills me with happiness, excitement, and almost a child like wonder, everytime I delve in to the many different vast areas of knowledge, needed to assist me in creating our content.


To have been able to return to what I am incredibly passionate about, was a both a blessing and a welcome distraction. The time spent this year, meeting so many wonderful people, parents, teachers, students and children over the country, I really enjoyed. I have made many new friends along the way. It was also heart warming, to see our new series of presentations, developed over the summer months of 2018, being received so well and receiving exceptional reviews.


Inspiration and Good Wishes

None of this would have been possible, if it were not for my old friend, a man who continues to inspire me, Company Director James Neary. Possibly one of the most experienced Irish men on the planet, when it comes to the area of the online exploitation of children. James' contribution, influence, his experience, knowledge and expertice in this very specialised area, affords us to say without reservation, Children of the Digital Age is second to very few in this field.


On behalf of both James and I, I would like to take a moment, to thank all of you. Thank you for your incredible support and good wishes throughout the year. Hopefully, you will stay with us on our journey, through 2019 and beyond. We will continue to develop and grow, to meet the needs of parents and children. Also we look forward, to meeting old friends and making new ones, along the way. All that is left to say on behalf of James and I, is to wish goodwill to all, and to all a Merry Christmas


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Children of the Digital Age
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By Children of the Digital Age

We offer Workshops and Courses both Nationally and Internationally for Parents, Children and Workplace Staff and Conferences, on Cyber Safety, Parental Controls, Online Addiction, Online Privacy, also Consultancy on Social Engineering and Data Protection, Ransome Ware and much more. For further information Please Contact Us codainfo@protonmail.com

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