Secure your Online Accounts by using Two-Factor Authentication & Authy

  It has been revealed, a number of celebrities and journalists Twitter accounts were hacked. On this occasion, not for malicious reasons, but to show that the Twitter accounts were vulnerable. An online hacking security agency “hijacked” multiple Twitter accounts in an effort to make a point regarding Twitters online security issues.   A message… Continue reading Secure your Online Accounts by using Two-Factor Authentication & Authy

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As Faceboook reveals another Privacy Breach we must begin protecting children’s Online Privacy

It was revelled this week, Facebook permitted third party companies such as Spotify, Microsoft and others to access, not only your personal information, contacts, posts, likes, etc. but also all your private messages on Messenger. This not only enabled third parties to access your messages, but also to create and delete messages in your name.


Social Media can have a negative influence on people who Self-Harm

Self-harm has been described as “a non-fatal act where an individual engages in a behaviour or ingests a substance with the intention of causing harm to themselves”. This would include the cutting or slicing of the forearm or other part of the body. Images like these had been posted on Facebook and not been removed.