Whether you realise it or not, there is a Transgender Influencer War for the hearts and minds of young being played out online.

Every day rather than being a specific gender or transgender, minors may be “cycling through identities” during adolescence and may be being swayed by influencers on TikTok and YouTube.

All this is all happening right in front of complete oblivious parents. Their focus maintained on other essential issues, deemed more important within the home.

The Times reported “Social media influencers are pushing young people who are unsure about their gender into hasty decisions to transition”

According to clinical psychologist, Dr Erica Anderson, a Transgender herself said, “Some young people are suffering from mental health

problems such as, depression and anxiety. They are not receiving adequate care and were instead being offered hormones or surgery.”

She said there had been an “onslaught” of providers aiming to help youngsters questioning their gender identity, but for some the process was set in motion too quickly.

Much commentary has been made of the harm caused to persons under 18 years of age seeking to transition. Some of whom are claiming suicidal intentions if such transition is not made available to them.

Early access to pornography accompanied by Social Media influence is one possible source of concepts underage people, yet to develop the ability for critical thinking, are being exposed too.

The common good here should be completely focused on the right of a child to develop free from undue or unnecessary influence. It shouldn't be about which side can pull another kid to their side.

Sexuality is a very complex state of being. It is especially transient during teenage years. Yet another reason why teens and children should be shielded from content which could possibly negatively impact upon them, based on their family morals.

Here at we afford world class education to help protect parents and children against online harm.

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