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Over the last seven days, campaigners celebrated the removal, or ban of Child Sex Dolls from the E-Commerce website Alibaba. However, it would appear that the celebrations were in vein, as Child Sex Dolls continue to be posted for sale on AliExpress. Both AliExpress and Alibaba are owned by the parent company Alibaba Group. We are now calling on the Alibaba Group to remove Child Sex Dolls from all of their E-Commerce platforms.


The Child Sex Dolls are advertised as being life like, and also 100% anatomically correct for sexual interaction. The dolls are described as being close as possible to the actual height and weight of a real child.The Alibaba group has previously committed to the removal of Child Sex Dolls from its platforms. However, it appears that these items are only transferred for sale to one of their other E-Commerce platforms.

Removal by the Alibaba Group

We are seeking the immediate removal of the Child Sex Dolls from AliExpress. Also we are seeking a commitment from the parent company, the Alibaba Group. We want the commercial organisation to ban outright the sale of any item that in any way relates to the sexual abuse of . This also includes life size sex dolls that resemble babies, infants, children, pre-teen and teens.

Until such time as these items are removed entirely from the Alibaba Group platforms, we would ask customers to remove their support for the E-Commerce Company. Your support may prevent the actual sexual abuse of a child, by an individual who started out with a Child Sex Doll purchased on an Alibaba platform.


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