Child Sex Doll Detection increase

Child Sex Doll Detections by Customs and Police Increase Significantly

There has been a significant increase in the number of Child Sex Dolls detections being by Police and Customs Officers around the world. One Australian media outlet, reported that in the first six months of 2020, 31 were discovered among incoming air cargo. There were 86 seized in the last twelve months to June 2020. In excess of 300, have been seized to date in the UK. This has led to a surge of arrests of previously unknown paedophiles. A substantial number have been discovered here in Ireland too, which has also led to a number of arrests.


Life Like, Life Size with Real Hair

The life size, life like, silicone child sex dolls were advertised as being 100% anatomically correct. The dolls are also as close as possible to the actual height and weight of a real child, with real hair and eyelashes. They are shipped small cases to be reassembled by the purchaser. Most of the Child Sex dolls, originate from Japan and China.  Like many other jurisdictions, these items are illegal to possess in Ireland, the UK and Australia. They are considered child abuse materials. However, the criminal legislation has not prevented many would be customers purchasing the items online.


Alibaba Group

Alibaba is one of several popular online e-commerce sites that are part of the Alibaba Group. These inexpensive e-commerce sites are popular and frequently used by millions worldwide. Alibaba recently came under fire internationally for the sale of Child Sex Dolls available on the platform. There was a wide range of Sex Dolls available to purchase on the site. The lurid product description of the Child Sex Dolls makes for uncomfortable reading. Especially, given that some of the product descriptions are terms used frequently among the paedophile community.


Over the last seven days, campaigners celebrated the removal of Child Sex Dolls from the Alibaba. Alibaba representatives had given an undertaking to prevent the sale of Child Sex Dolls on its platform. However, it would appear that these celebrations were in vein. The Child Sex Dolls are still for sale on AliExpress. Both AliExpress and Alibaba are owned by the parent company Alibaba Group. We have called on the Alibaba Group to remove Child Sex Dolls from all of their E-Commerce platforms.



A Substitute for Sex with a Real Child

Child Sex Doll producers argue that having access to their product enables individuals to act out their sexual desires and fantasies in a safe way. However, there are many opponents to this assertion. Enabling an individual to act out harmful sexual behaviour on a life like child doll, may actually increase the likelihood of child sexual abuse. Many of those arrested for the possession of a Child Sex Doll in the UK were convicted paedophiles. Child sexual exploitation and abuse material was discovered the digital devices of others. Jon Brown, head of development at the NSPCC, said: “There is no evidence to support the idea that the use of so-called child sex dolls helps stop potential abusers from committing contact offences against real .”


These items are, according to Caitlin Roper from Collective Shout, are best referred to as Child Sex Abuse Dolls. Caitlin Roper's talk “Better a robot than a real child”: Responding to arguments in support of child ‘sex' dolls headlined at Sex Tech, Robots and AI: A Feminist Response. This international online workshop was hosted by UK-based Campaign Against Sex Robots on July 4, 2020 is really worth watching.


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Please Support our campaign

Please support our petition by adding your signature and sharing the link with others. These products only serve as a means to dehumanise children and normalize their sexual abuse of children both online and off. Help us ensure all Alibaba Group e-commerce websites remove these items.


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