The passing of incredibly recognisable individuals, those who featured strongly in the media we consumed while growing up, can give rise to strong nostalgic memories of childhood.

Days of innocence and naivety we all took for granted. #DameBarbaraWindsor unfortunately passed away today. For some, this will be such an individual.

Her passing brings a thought to mind, one regarding the content kids now consume. It's content that's #unfiltered and #unregulated, delivered through #YouTube, #Snapchat, #tiktok, #instagram and so many other platforms. So who will they associate the memories of youth with many years from now.

Flash in the pan, might be the best way to describe the multitude of individuals now encounter for entertainment purposes online.

Will the content produced by each individual on these platforms instil any nostalgic reminiscence. A Saturday or Sunday afternoon with their family perhaps. A shared experience that we had as we grew up. We would suggest many children now miss out on this.

Can you name the top #Youtube stars in 2012? We can't!!!

Yes 2020 will be remembered for certain #TicTok dances, but can you name the specific individuals worthy of a memory in 20 years time? Bet you can't!!!

We all remember our youth as a time when the world was far more simpler. Unfortunately, the online world doesn't encourage, or promote simpler times for children.

So tonight, we just wanted to salute an individual who afforded incredible laughter in the #CarryOn series and other projects. An individual who delivered the line nobody in a bar ever wants to hear “#Getoutofmypub”.

Pleanty of #celebrities have passed this year who are more than worthy of mention. However, this time of year, invokes more #memoriesofchildhood, than the rest of the year. Hence the post.

Spare a thought for your kids this year. Do they really need to be bombarded by #unrestricted, #unfiltered, or #unmoderated content online. Think for a moment about #memoriestheyarecreating due to the exposure to online content.

Bet #BarbaraWindsor never would have imagined that she could be an advocate for protecting the innocence of children.


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