Just have to throw our full support absolutely behind #JkRowling for calling the Stonewall gender fascists out by suing them.

A Stonewall representitive, a biological man with a serious looking full beard, who identifies as lesbian, has attacked her lesbian lawyer who advocated for LGBT+ rights since 1991.

The #harrypotter author been subjected to phenomenal online abuse for basically stating she is a biological woman, and supports the rights of same.

She has faced of against individuals who have attempted to destroy her. People who deny and want to destroy the whole concept of being biologically female.

Incredibly the worst offenders are born biologically male. It's the same old story, men attacking women, but claiming to be everything from another gender to an elf. individuals who are going further than harming the whole concept of being a biological woman, to seeking to sexually abuse through their gender identity propoganda confusion.

This by birth biological male with a beard is called #AlexDrummond. She is a #lesbian. She works with Stonewall an NFP founded in 1989 by a small group of people who wanted to break down barriers to equality.

While Stonewall continues to campaign and lobby government to change laws to ensure everyone, everywhere, is free to be themselves, the organisation has come under enormous scrutiny recently for promoting gender identity education for kids in primary schools in the UK.

One could say a person born biologically male with a full beard, claiming to be a lesbian is another way of describing heterosexual male. Then again in this woke world, any one can claim to be whatever they want to be.

Just imagine showing her photo to a six year old and trying to explain to them this person is a lesbian. Imagine the confusion as they reply, “What do you mean?”

“Isn't that a man with a beard?”, the innocent child replies. You then say, “”No, that's a woman who likes to be with other women as a partner”.

As you look at the child completely confused, they might say, “But he looks like daddy, he has a beard. Is daddy a lesbian too?”.

Unfortunately, reality exists off the world of internet users imagination. Thankfully we do have people like #jkrowling who are attempting to reign in the insanity of woke madness.


Genuinely, it doesn't matter if you want to identify as a marshmallow, just don't try enforce it on kids. Let them find their own way. Let biological women be. if not for them you wouldn't even exist.

It's like watching Jim Jones trying to get young kids to drink coolaid sponcered by Stonewall at the moment.

Hopefully, #jkrowling will be successful in putting manners on an organisation that has lost the run of itself.

Irish parents need to be fully aware of this agenda also, as there are groups trying to indoctrinate primary school kids through a proposed new sexual health course due to be rolled out in schools.

Time to say enough is enough in this #culturewar

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