If you are looking for ways to keep your kids entertained over the Summer, we have found the perfect educational website, Wow Science.


“Created by Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) in collaboration with Learning Science Ltd. The site provides links to the best primary science learning materials on the web, helping to enjoy science both inside and outside the classroom. The resources, which cover a broad range of science subjects and are suitable for all primary ages, can be an excellent tool for teachers, students and their parents.”




The site contains Games, Activities, Experiments, Apps and Videos. The options here are almost endless. Most of the ingredients or bits and pieces you might need are found in the home, simple everyday household items.  We have to admit to experiencing quite a bit of nostalgia ourselves, as we ran around trying to get the what was required. Nothing like the anticipation of waiting until the washing up liquid bottle to be empty, so we can use it in the next planned experiment. Adults will enjoy this site just as much as children. Creating a head out of an Apple and preserving it as the Egyptians did, provided an education in science, history, art and gore all in the one experiment.




We were delighted to see the approach taken in teaching kids about Coding. Popular characters from Star Wars and Disney are used with great effect to encourage children to develop their coding knowledge and skills.  Wow Science is a great resource for children. It really does encourage learning about science in a way that kids of all ages would really enjoy.




Wow Science has links to a wide variety of other topics. Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life, Space Expolarition, The Human body, and many more. You can even learn how to building a prostethic hand out of Lego. Once you start to explore the enormous content Wow science has on offer you will see for yourself exactly why we are recommending it to parents and kids.


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