“I defend Paedophiles publicly”

Controversial Vlogger Amos Yee has been removed from WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms for promoting paedophilia in the last number of weeks. The 20 year old currently granted asylum in the US, referred to himself on Twitter, “I defend Paedophiles publicly on the internet.”  Yee is one of a growing number of people who are attempting to normalise an abhorrent and criminal behaviour.


The last social media post pictured above, which was published on Sunday, reportedly revealed that he has been operating a paedophile-friendly server. His aim was to provide an open forum meant for discussion and educationon “positions of paedophiles… debate tactics and how to sound more convincing when putting forth an argument”.


Amos Yee

Another post, Yee wrote. “I've been running a paedo-friendly Discord server for the past few weeks and I'm looking for new members. This Discord server is not open to the public. So if you'd like to join, private message me here on Facebook with a small intro of yourself. (your views on paedophilia, your political views, how big of an Amos Yee fan you are). ” You're sure to notice the tone of pure narcissism the post which stands out.


The Sexualization of Innocence

As you can see form the image of the young girl pictured above, this young girl is in no way after producing a sexual image. However, Yee sexualized the image with commentary on in his post on Twitter. It is quite possible the girl is unaware her image had been used in this manner.


Yee is a 20-year-old wannabe, who has stumbled upon a way to get people's attention. The use of shock tactics to get fans and followers, has been used by countless others in the search for online fame. The validation from the fans or followers can then push the boundaries of what people do in order to keep their content views up.


This should serve as a reminder to those who post images of their own online. Also to children and teens who post images of themselves. You can't ever be sure who will get access these images, or what the image will be used for. Harmless images of children can be photo-shopped, sexualized, then reposed and shared on with others who have a sexual interest in children. Unfortunately the victim may only eventually become aware of this years after the event, if at all.


Amos Yee is 20 years old. He has grown up in an era where the exchange of self-generated sexual images of young people is now common place. It is important to know that his views on paedophilia are on isolated, nor is he alone in his thinking. The amount of self-generated sexualized content created by children, is far beyond what any parent would like to imagine or realise. Those who form an attraction to under developed males or females develop an appetite for the sexualized content and some will not be able to move on from the arousal this gives them.


When the abnormal becomes normal

We are seeing an increase in the numbers of young people being arrested for having this type content on their devices. There are those who are defending the content, sexualization and relationships with children. These people believe age consent laws should be abolished. The internet affords connectivity between people. When people with a dysfunctional belief system connect with each other online, their dysfunctional belief system is strengthened and reinforced to the point it is normalised. The danger here being, some of those people take that dysfunctional mind-set and turn it in to a dysfunctional act.


The further we venture down this rabbit hole, the more obvious the risks posed to children are becoming. Parents have to be part of their children's online life. You child could accept a friend or follower request from an individual, who may attempt to convince them, sharing explicit content online is something everybody does. However, once the child is has been groomed, the dynamic changes. The relationship will then move rapidly from a friendly one, to a dictatorial and abusive one.


Yee's Asylum in the US at Risk

The US-based human rights lawyer Melissa Chen, helped Yee obtain his asylum status in the US.  On her own Facebook page, she posted. As an Asylum seeker, Amos Yee should be deported from the US. Referring to Yee's defence of paedophilia and paedophiles, she said:

“Some repulsive ideas generate too much negative externalities. Especially when these externalities involve the welfare of children. I think society cannot allow them to have free reign.”


There is a responsibility on each and every one of us to protect children at all costs. Protected from individuals who would even make a suggestion, harm to a child is in any way acceptable in society. Hopefully this will be that last we see of Mr. Yee, but knowing the online world, I very much doubt it.


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One thought on “Social Media Platforms ban Amos Yee for promoting paedophilia – “Look at her, how could you not be a paedophile””
  1. I can’t think of anything more repugnant than a paedophile. While many people have become more aware of the deep and damaging effects of child abuse & the pernicious and devious ways that paedos ensnare & enslave their tiny victims to satisfy their disgusting desires, it is all the more deplorable that they attempt to justify their vice by using language like “love, attraction, & relationships” to describe their hideous behavior”.Paedophiles need to be forever classed as “dangerous offenders” who need to be kept incarcerated indefinitely. Psychiatry knows very well they are unable & unwilliing to be rehabilitated. I believe they remain frozen a permanent stage of sexual immaturity. I challenge anyone to provide evidence of even “one” paedophile who became free of their twisted lust. No child is safe as long as one of them roams freely.

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