It is incredible to see how of the Digital Age has developed and transformed over the last three years. When we started out in 2015, the issues both children and parents faced online, were limited almost to a few Apps and Social Media Platforms. Now there are so many other avenues of Online Safety, we all need to be mindful of.

The genuine support we have received from friends and family has been incredible. The interest, feedback and support we have received from our Followers on Facebook has often guided us on the matters we address on the page.


We could not do this without you. As a Thank You for taking the time to Follow the Children of the Digital Age Facebook page we have selected a small number of you to receive a small token of our appreciation, a €50 Gift Voucher. If your name appears in the list below, please Private Message us and we will arrange for the delivery of your gift.




Again a huge Thank You to everyone, 20,000 that's not half bad to be fair.

Prize Winners

Denis Griffin

Moll Scanlon

Gloria McBreen

Sarah Tracey

Children of the Digital Age
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We offer Workshops and Courses both Nationally and Internationally for Parents, Children and Workplace Staff and Conferences, on Cyber Safety, Parental Controls, Online Addiction, Online Privacy, also Consultancy on Social Engineering and Data Protection, Ransome Ware and much more. For further information Please Contact Us codainfo@protonmail.com

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