Secure your Online Accounts by using Two-Factor Authentication & Authy

  It has been revealed, a number of celebrities and journalists Twitter accounts were hacked. On this occasion, not for malicious reasons, but to show that the Twitter accounts were vulnerable. An online hacking security agency “hijacked” multiple Twitter accounts in an effort to make a point regarding Twitters online security issues.   A message… Continue reading Secure your Online Accounts by using Two-Factor Authentication & Authy

Parental Controls

Google’s Family Link App for IOS and Android

Internet Safety Parental Controls for Android and IOS using Google's Family Link App Internet Safety for Kids


A Christmas Message from @COTDAge

A Christmas Message Since founding Children of the Digital Age, a company with the sole purpose of protecting children online. I have dedicated a very large piece of myself, to identifing the many dangers faced by children and adults in an online enviornment. Then developing ways to protect against it, and bringing this knowledge to… Continue reading A Christmas Message from @COTDAge


WhatsApp identified as a source of Cyberbullying. Parents can monitor their children’s accounts

Recently WhatsApp was identified as a platform children use, both directly and indirectly to cyberbully other children. The results of the survey of 2000 parents, carried out by Internet Matters a UK based online child safety organisation, revealed 8 out of every 10 parents expressed concern regarding closed messaging groups. These group chats are sometimes used to share images, or content about others. Many parents may not be aware you can link a WhatsApp mobile account to a PC


What happens when beauty is no longer in the eye of the beholder ?

A recent Tweet by Irish Cyberpsychologist, Dr. Mary Aiken caught our attention. For some time now, Dr Aiken has been highlighting how technology has infiltrated our lives and impacted us on a psychological level, right down to an individual’s level of self-perception. AI or Artificial Intelligence has many different levels. It is used in some of popular Apps, to improve or alter images, you can digitally improve your own image before sharing it with others online.


Spotify Phishing scam targets Apple users Log In credentials

Apple users are at risk of having their accounts compromised in a new Spotify Phishing attack. Emails purporting to originate from Spotify are advising the recipient, they have purchased a year’s Premium Streaming service and are asking to verify the subscription by logging in to the users Apple account. The link when opened appears as a very authentic looking, branded Apple site, however the address at the top of the screen is clearly not an authentic address. Some people may not recognise that this is not an authentic address and enter their Apple ID and Password. It is also likely some of those who receive the email will be curious and log in, as they will not have subscribed for the Spotify premium service.


Just like the Titanic, your online life is far from Unsinkable

One issue, which is becoming more obvious while speaking to children, teens and parents, is how ignorant everyone appears to be, in relation to their level of vulnerability online. We frequently see tremendous over confidence, in the amount faith people have placed in how protected secure their online data is. Most have actually put all of their data eggs in the one basket, without realising the dangers.

It is almost like watching a re-run of the Titanic story, so many people mistakenly believing that their online lives, are also unsinkable. Here at #COTDAge, we have found that the use of the Titanic as a learning aid is an excellent example for helping people to understand their level of online vulnerability. So this is why, we have decided to share it with you in today’s blog.


Tellonym – An Potentially Dangerous App Warning for Parents

The use of Anonymity Apps are on the rise again, with Irish teens installing and using an App called Tellonym. From the outset we are issuing a strong warning to parents, check younger children’s devices to see if they are using this App or, if they are receiving messages on their Social Media from their own contacts or other people using this App. It is also really important to discuss the use of this App with teens and young adults. We would strongly advise, both children and teens do not use this App.


Switch OFF Notifications to Conserve Your Capacity for Concentration

Consider the ability of a person to concentrate on a task. Not necessarily a mammoth task, such as creating a famous work of art such as Michelangelo’s The Last Supper. Instead, perhaps a Word Search puzzle. In order to complete this task, you need the capability to focus and concentrate. Sounds simple enough. Now before we begin, it is important to note, the average attention span of a human is about 12 seconds. Well it used to be. It has actually seen a reduction from 12 seconds in 2012, down to EIGHT seconds as discovered in 2017. You may be pleasantly surprised now to discover, that is one second less than the NINE second attention span of a Goldfish.


Online Predators Are Using Fortnite To Lure Children

It was revealed this week that 24 men were arrested in New Jersey, for allegedly being online predators. These men came from all walks of life and ranged in ages from 21 to 50. One of the arrested individuals was a Police Sergeant. All of those arrested had been caught following a sting operation where police created profiles of 14 and 15-year-old boys and girls. The men believed they were engaging with young teens online, their own profiles were also of teens and young adults.