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#Apple users are at risk of having their accounts compromised in a new Spotify Phishing attack. Emails purporting to originate from Spotify are advising the recipient, they have purchased a year's Premium Streaming service and are asking to verify the subscription by logging in to the users Apple account. The link when opened appears as a very authentic looking, branded Apple site, however the address at the top of the screen is clearly not an authentic address.

Some people may not recognise that this is not an authentic address and enter their Apple ID and Password. It is also likely some of those who receive the email will be curious and log in, as they will not have subscribed for the Spotify premium service.


Users are asked to enter their login details. Upon entering the log in details, users will have provided their information to the designers of this particular Phishing attack, compromising the security of their account allowing access to their iCloud and personal content including their PICTURES and PERSONAL DATA. This can also allow access to Apple Pay and even the location of all your Apple devices.


We would ask people to delete this email if they receive it, and advise your and teens who are using an Apple device to do the same. If you have entered your details, we strongly advise that you change your log in credentials immediately. Phishing scams work due to people's natural curiosity and very often just old-fashioned ignorance, fear or greed. Be exceptionally careful when opening any links in emails you are not expecting. Never open content or click on links contained in emails you are not expecting to receive, even if they are sent from a trusted contact, as your device may end up compromised.



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