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From speaking to , we have witnessed a huge increase in the amount who are viewing T.V. and Movie content which is unsuitable for them. Almost all of the children are telling us, they have seen the content either on YouTube or Netflix. Children in National Schools have reported how they have been unable to sleep at night, or had disturbing dreams as a direct result of something they had seen on a digital device.

Their knowledge of frightening characters from horror movies appear to be superior, to many avid movie buffs. The children themselves see it as a badge of honour, in being able to tell their classmates, they too have watched scary content and were not afraid of it. This can come as quite a shock to their parents, when we inform them what the children have told us.


Parental Controls are necessary on all devices. Netflix has a very simple to use Parental Control set up. We would advise all parents to use these settings to prevent children having access to content, which is inappropriate for them.

Netflix Parental Control Step 1

  • When you first log in to Netflix you will see your Profile box on the right side of the screen

  • A drop down menu will appear with the Option to Manage Profiles

  • Select this Option

Netflix Parental Control Step 2

  • A new Profile is created and can now be given a name i.e. KIDS. This process can be repeated, if you wish to create a several Profiles with specific Age Restrictions.

Netflix Parental Controls Step 3

  • An easy set up setup option is available, if you have young children. Just select CHILD?  On a mobile device or Tablet, it will be displayed as Kids.

  • By ticking this box only content which is classified for persons, who are 12 years of age or under, will be accessible to the user of this Profile.

Netflix Parental Control Step 1

  • Now that a profile has been set up, return to the Netflix home screen to set up a Parental Control Pin to have control of your own Profile.

  • Once the Pin is enabled, it will be required to view content of a specified Age Rating and above, i.e. if there is a 13-year-old who wishes to view a 15's rated Movie or T.V. series, the pin is required. Never give the Pin to younger users.

  • On the drop down menu select Account, as highlighted above.

Netflix Parental Control Step 1

  • The Account Page gives numerous options. Scroll down to Settings and select Parental Controls as highlighted above.

Netflix Parental Control Step 1

  • In order to access the Parental Controls, the password for the Netflix Account must be entered. This is the login Password.

Netflix parental Controls

  • Parental Control options are displayed on the screen. Here you will be able to select the specific Age Rating for content can only be accessed with a Pin. Enter a Pin number, something that you will remember, but the children will not be able to guess, i.e. digits of your phone number, dates of birth, the pin for your phone etc.

  • The Parental Control can be set to suit the age range of children in the home. There are a number of Options, Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens and Adults. Once you select the appropriate Age Range, the 4 digit Pin will be required to view any content which is above the age limit you have chosen.

  • If you have Teens in the home you may wish to provide full access, but restrict certain titles. Just enter the name of the T.V. series or Movie in the box. the four digit Pin will now be required to view the content you have restricted.

Once this Option is selected, it is mirrored on all of the devices which can access Netflix. You can change it at any time by just repeating the same instructions. We would advise all parents to set up Parental Controls on Netflix. nearly all of the children we have spoken report Netflix as being a source of access to inappropriate content.

If you have any questions, or need a little further help, Contact us by entering your details below.

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