The revelation the Kim Kardashian's son found an advertisement about a 2nd Sex Tape on Roblox, has been revealed.

This revelation comes as part of a new Kardashian series promotion on Hulu.

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There is no doubt Kim will profit on the back of this misfortune, just as she did through the $5 million she made from the publication of the first sex tape.

Other mothers or teens who have self sexually exploited themselves online however may not be as fortunate.

This is the reality OnlyFans creators will ultimately face. Their discovering their content, either accidentally, or through those they engage with online or off.

There is no way to prepare a child for that kind of truama. The damage or negative psychological consequences may last a lifetime. How do you even rationalise that. A reality where your parent has self generated sexual content which is for ever more available for everyone you know to view online.

It has been acknowledged for some time that Roblox is a platform which hosts adult content. One has to wonder if Kim is even aware of what it takes to prevent her children from being exposed to online harm.

In the past Kim posted to her followers on Instagram “Send Nudes”. So she has been part of the problem in protecting children from online harm, for many years now.

The landscape has now changed for her. She has become a parent just like others who seek to protect their kids. A poacher who now seekers to be a game keeper to protect her children.

Perhaps were she to adopt an online safety role. One which may show others the tragedy that awaits OnlyFans users lured in by the dream of fame and fortune, it may protect her own children and millions around the world.

We would love to invite Kim to engage with us.

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