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It was a great privilege to have recently been asked to take part in a series of Podcasts on Cyber Safety organised by iKydz. We discussed our experiences in National Schools, how we are increasingly discovering that the youngest in schools now appear to be the most vulnerable. Please take a moment to have a listen and let us know your thoughts.

iKydz are an Irish company which have created the ideal solution for parents to help protect their children from exposure to the negative aspects of the online world. Mr John Molloy describes this incredible device which is designed to help parents to supervise, monitor and restrict access to the internet as – “IKydz is a plug and play box which works by creating a safe network and is unique because it physically controls the internet traffic. Parents can use it to block pornography, block specific sites, block individual devices and set time limits on internet use and on the use of specific sites,”


He says he created it to provide an alternative to the standard parental controls which can be bypassed by any tech-savvy teenager in five minutes, and also, to offer a less confrontational option to confiscating much-loved devices. All controlled the parents own mobile device. Here is a link to the full Podcast. We hope you enjoy it.

If you're considering a Cyber Safety Workshop for students in Primary or Post Primary Schools, or require a Keynote Speaker, even a Workshop for you staff, Please Contact us.

You can also send us your thoughts, or issues you face, or the difficulties you face in attempting to protect your children from a negative online experience. Individually we may be week when it comes to taking on this enormous issue, which impacts on every child. However together we are strong. Knowledge, support, awareness and education will benefit every one of us. Share your experiences. Together we will find solutions.

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By Children of the Digital Age

We offer Workshops and Courses both Nationally and Internationally for Parents, Children and Workplace Staff and Conferences, on Cyber Safety, Parental Controls, Online Addiction, Online Privacy, also Consultancy on Social Engineering and Data Protection, Ransome Ware and much more. For further information Please Contact Us

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