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Increased support for a move to ban Smartphones in National Schools Internationally

It appears the initiative of parents and students in Blennerville National School, in Co Kerry, to ban the use of Smartphones was a trail blazing move. This has paved the way for other Irish National Schools to consider outright ban on Smartphones from September 2018.

Internet Safety Advice for Parents

Look Up ! Just how much of life is technology stealing from us every day, An important message for us all !!

How many friends do you really have, 1000 or even 10,000 perhaps. In this ever connected world, how often do you enter a room on your own, close the door to isolate yourself, so you can chat with people you have never even met? Technology has changed the way people interact with each other. There are plenty of positives to what we can do with digital devices. However there are also an incredible number of negatives.

Parental Controls

Setting up Parental Controls for Netflix

An easy to follow instructional guide for patents in setting up on Netflix

Internet Safety Advice for Parents

Study reveals 98% of Victims of Live Streaming, Online Child Exploitation are under 13 years old

A new study published by the Internet Watch Foundation, has revealed that 98% of victims of Live Streaming, Online Child Exploitation were under 13 years of age. Live streaming allows a user to broadcast live footage of themselves online. The results of the new study, makes for seriously harrowing reading. It is hard to imagine that young people are live streaming themselves being sexually exploited online.

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Two out of every three Post Primary students, asked to send, or have received Sexualised Images – Advice for Parents

    Students at Coláiste Bríde in Clondalkin, Co. Dublin, recently discovered in a study, that two out of every three people in the school, had received a sexualized image, or had been asked for one. The results led students to launch their own Sexting awareness campaign. Sexting is an obvious source of concern for… Continue reading Two out of every three Post Primary students, asked to send, or have received Sexualised Images – Advice for Parents

Internet Safety Advice for Parents

Is it time for the whole family to take a ‘Digital Detox’?

Is your family a slave to the lure of a digital screen. If so it may be time you all turned the devices off and experienced a well deserved 'Digital Detox'

Internet Safety Advice for Parents

Children sharing inappropriate images can have harmful consequences !!

Today we would like to discuss, how harmful it can be for children to share inappropriate images of themselves, with others when using their devices. Incredibly we have found that children in Irish Primary Schools in 5th and 6th class, are very aware of this behaviour. What some children can believe is a just a funny image or photo of themselves, can have really serious long negative effects if shared with others.

Internet Safety Advice for Parents

A Kerry National School has banned 6th class students access to digital devices. All parents should now follow their lead.

This week, it was revealed that Blennerville National School, near Tralee in Co Kerry, agreed with parents in the school, that it was time to put a ban on digital device access for students. There had been a number of incidents revolving around the access and sharing of inappropriate content and . The ban on devices at home, is an 11-week pilot programme. What we would describe as a Digital Detox, only for the children in sixth class.