WhatsApp identified as a source of Cyberbullying. Parents can monitor their children’s accounts

Recently WhatsApp was identified as a platform children use, both directly and indirectly to cyberbully other children. The results of the survey of 2000 parents, carried out by Internet Matters a UK based online child safety organisation, revealed 8 out of every 10 parents expressed concern regarding closed messaging groups. These group chats are sometimes used to share images, or content about others. Many parents may not be aware you can link a WhatsApp mobile account to a PC


We just hit 20,000 Followers on Facebook. Time to say “Thank You”

    It is incredible to see how Children of the Digital Age has developed and transformed over the last three years. When we started out in 2015, the issues both children and parents faced online, were limited almost to a few Apps and Social Media Platforms. Now there are so many other avenues of… Continue reading We just hit 20,000 Followers on Facebook. Time to say “Thank You”

Parental Controls

Parental Controls Google Family Link for Android and IOS

What is Google Family Link? Google Family Link is a mobile app. It is available for both Android and IOS devices. It enables parents to create a specific Google Account for your child. This Google Account is a similar your own account, however once used with the Family Link App, you can now set ground rules for the use of the child’s device, such as deciding for yourself,


3 Reasons Not To Share Images Of Your Childs First Day At School

The excitement of children returning to school is something all parents share. Many parents are already packing school bags, cheerfully humming to themselves in anticipation of a child free zone at home, for a precious few hours a day. Children will soon be dressed in their new school uniforms, carrying new school bags filled with insanely overpriced books, marching bravely in to a first or new school term. In all the excitement, with tears of joy in their eyes, parents like to capture the moment of the First Day at School. These images will then be shared on Social Media with family members and possibly other parents who are also experiencing freedom from the first time in years. Just before you take part in this very important yearly ritual, we would ask you to consider the following 3 reasons why you should not share images these images of your children on Social Media.


Increased support for a move to ban Smartphones in National Schools Internationally

It appears the initiative of parents and students in Blennerville National School, in Co Kerry, to ban the use of Smartphones was a trail blazing move. This has paved the way for other Irish National Schools to consider outright ban on Smartphones from September 2018.