Welcome everyone to the all new Webpage. We intend to add a whole host of new content here, which our followers on Facebook and Twitter would recognise. We hope that you will find the content both informative and as a resource to further your awareness of current issues in the Online Cyber World.

Thank you to everyone who have helped James and I get this far. We would very much appreciate your continued support, advice, guidance and of course your custom. Hope you enjoy.


Team @COTDAge

Children of the Digital Age
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By Children of the Digital Age

We offer Workshops and Courses both Nationally and Internationally for Parents, Children and Workplace Staff and Conferences, on Cyber Safety, Parental Controls, Online Addiction, Online Privacy, also Consultancy on Social Engineering and Data Protection, Ransome Ware and much more. For further information Please Contact Us codainfo@protonmail.com

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