Rebranding Paedophilia

A highly organised online propaganda drive, on popular Social Media platforms YouTube, Instagram and Twitter has seen “Britain's most notorious child-sex offenders attempt to rebrand paedophilia, as a harmless sexual preference”. With the addition of their own “PRIDE” rainbow style “MAP” flag, meaning “Minor Attracted Persons”, this is the latest of a decade's long campaign to change the public perception of paedophiles. From child abusers and sexual predators, to simply individuals who have an alternative and harmless sexual preference for .


The Argument

It has long been argued by paedophiles on both sides of the Atlantic, that their sexual preference for children, or minors, is no different to sexual preference held by members of the LGBT community. Society has come to accept and acknowledge the sexual preference of the LGBT community. Now MAP or the Minor Attracted Persons community are actively seeking the same acknowledgement and recognition throughout the world.

While this may sound abhorrent to any reasonably minded individual. The internet affords an ideal forum to connect with like-minded people. The ability to exchange similar sexual interest in children with so many others who are likeminded is too easy. It gives a perception that this sexual preference is perfectly normal. From this perspective, how could it be wrong if there are so many others who all think and believe the same?



Just a Sexual Preference for Children

The sexual preference for children has becomes so normal, there are those in the paedophile community who may conceal a wish to come out to others. However, it is the fear of public rejection and abhorrence that prevents this, for now. But with the increase in online content specifically intended to humanise paedophilia on social media and in memes such as stating, ‘Minor Attraction is natural', it presents this argument in to the online arena. It takes very little effort to connect with people online. That emotional connection, a feeling of belonging to a cause or argument that is being liked and shared by others, can turn a small spark in to an online wildfire fire in the blink of an eye.


The story that broke in the Daily Mail last week, highlights how public paedophiles are becoming online, creating social media profiles across all the social media platforms. Open declarations on some profiles, cite the ages of children the profile user has a sexual preference for, “in some cases as low as “two to seven”. The online world has enormous scope for normalize extremes. We have spoken at length on this issue, highlighting that this overtly public online movement by paedophiles was eventually inevitable. It is important to remember though, that people attempting to justify sexual contact, or sexual attraction to children is nothing new. The Paedophile Information Exchange political campaign in Britain through the 70's and 80's, publically pushed for a reduction of the age of consent to four years of age.


The WOKE Society

We currently exist in a WOKE society. A society where the internet has opened people's eyes to injustice and modern crusades. We now live in a global society that will react very quickly to online content, to the extent of striping words from every day use and tearing statues to the ground. This woken society, has elevated a child to preach and chastise global leaders, yet we still can't protect what genuinely is the most valuable and vulnerable resource on this planet, children. The MAP movement will gather more momentum online, have no doubt about that. The online world has a serious polarising effect on people, some will attack, some will support. Either way MAP gets more publicity and attention.


MAP Propoganda

Effective propaganda works initially by attempting to get an idea in to public consciousness. By forming an organisation such as MAP, there is an attempt to sterilise and remove the stigma of the term paedophile. Replaced with the discourse of ‘Child Love', as put forward by the paedophile guide book which we will discuss tomorrow in a post. By making the very bold assertion that this is a sexual preference that is no different to that of members of the LGBT community, it is an exaggerated attempt to deflect attention away from the fallacy of the argument. These individuals are nothing more than sexual child abusers, yet they seek a different public perception online.


This is a form of selective omission that is used to deceive the public. It is better known as “suppressio veri, suggestio falsi” – some truth combined with falsehoods, do not tell lie per say, and don't acknowledge the entire truth. In doing so, there is encouragement and a promotion of the cause. An invitation to others to join, and participate in the harm and abuse of children, conscious free.


LGBT a path to acceptance?

Have no doubt that this attempt at a propaganda campaign will continue and gain momentum. By mirroring the Pride Flag, by attempting to align themselves as an extended arm of the LGBT community, there is an attempt to add credibility to their movement. Who in the LGBT community, would have such a movement aligned with theirs? Hopefully nobody. It would be greatly appreciated if those of the LGBT community would come out and declare their abhorrence at this attempt globally. Only by all communities aligning and exposing this monstrosity, can we collectively be successful. We all need to call these sexual predators of children out wherever they hide, online or off. An attempt at deception through hijacking known prejudices, is nothing new. Highlighting any form of prejudice in fact, does really well at attracting people's attention online.


Increased access to children

One thing that has given us serious and exceptional pause for thought since 2015. is is the ease at which paedophiles are getting increased access to children online year on year. We have all investigated and prosecuted these individuals. Mick Moran a mentor, has done more than most to address the online sexual exploitation and abuse of children. James Neary the director of this company. An individual who has been decorated by the FBI, continues to fight on behalf of victims of child sexual abuse. Experience in this area is an incredible motivator to want to protect every child from online harm.


However, with a Tsunami of self-generated sexual content created by children as young as 8 years of age, exchanged online, it is easy to see why these individuals appear so emblazoned to seek their own place in the world. After all children are creating these images themselves, they are knowingly sharing them with the world. Even from the non-contact offender's argument, we are just looking at the images, so where is the harm?


Self-Generated Sexual Content

With so much sexual content being self-generated and shared by children, the numbers of paedophiles grow year on year. There is also a greater access to Taboo sexual content on sites such as Porn Hub. Incest, daddy and daughter, or mother and son categories of pornography are the most viewed. Fantasy eventually leads to real word actions, especially if there is no alternative to suggest that this is harmful.


Number of victims increasing

Year on year, the number of children becoming victims of online sexual predators is increasing exponentially. There is an estimated 9 million child sex slaves in the world right now. Many of these children still live at home with their parents. They have to work in their family bathrooms, and bedrooms. Their parents see them every day, yet have no idea what is happening under their own nose, and roof. The number of investigations for child sex offences, cases before the courts and convictions are higher than ever. Circumstances are getting worse, not better. Police all over the world are currently overwhelmed by a huge increase in cases.

We need to support the hard working and selfless, who go to work every day and see the unimaginable. These highly dedicated people, carry all of the pain and suffering of sexually abused or exploited victims. We need to get on board with them and do everything possible to prevent a child becoming a victim. To report and respond to every cry for help. We need a community, the online community to be forthright and honest in making every attempt to protect children online.


The need to inform parents

Yet we continue to have difficulty in getting parents to come and listen to this message. Parents who are too busy to learn about the online world and child sexual abuse and exploitation. Those who believe they have heard it all before, and never turn up at school presentations. Cyberbullying is an important issue, for . It is one we address. But, the online sexual abuse and exploitation of children has always been our core message. Very often the most vulnerable children we meet, have ridiculous access to the online world. Their parents often fail to attend presentations.

This active sexual abuse and exploitation threat to children is very real. Ignore it at your peril. Tomorrow's post will show you just how real and prevalent this threat is. As we have said in the past, parents are on the front line. If children have access to the internet, online sexual predators have access to them.


Greatest Fear

Our greatest fear ultimately, is the acceptance of paedophiles as just regular individuals with an alternative sexual preference. Should we become more accepting of an alternative sexual preference? Are we ready to welcome the child love or the Minor Attracted Persons community? There continues to be parents who say, sure what can I do, sure their all at it. The children of those parents, may become the victims or our collective failure to address this. Is this what you want?



To assist parents protect their children online we have created the Everything you need to know about parental controls. This is one of the most comprehensive publications that you will ever encounter. It is a one-stop resource unlike any other publication available in this area. Filled with advice ranging from online privacy to cyberbullying, it is an essential handbook for parents everywhere. Get your copy today.

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