Michael Lee Mason

Michael Lee Mason is a Christian father of three who has created an internet filter intended to keep what he believes is perverse and threatening content off your browser. Many filtering entities also claim to do the same. However, Mason has focused attention on what he regards as “LGBTQ+ propaganda,”.

Mason has described LGBTQ Pride Month as the source, which inspired him to protect from what he describes as, a “dangerous LGBTQ cult.” His objective was to block content such as “LGBTQ+ propaganda,” pornography, and information about abortion.


“Sin of pride as a virtue”

“While the world celebrates Pride for the entire month of June, we mourn the fact that our nation has embraced the sin of pride as a virtue,”. He added, “We applaud the parents who are putting in the enormous effort necessary to properly form their kids' consciences in a culture that has become so hostile to holiness.”

Mason is currently attempting to ensure that “every Christian family has the ability to protect their home from the internet”. “Christian parents are rightfully concerned about the way their kids are being systematically exposed to false ideas about human sexuality at school,” Mason said. “Then, those ideas are all-too-easily reinforced with unfettered internet access at home.”

Wi-Fi Router Settings

Mason describes a “simple adjustment” to the settings on your Wi-Fi router in order to stop your home network “from accessing nearly two million websites devoted to promoting pornography and other evil causes.”

The New York Daily News describes the service is free. However, you can pay for a premium plan that will give you “more advanced controls.”

“If you are on the fence about signing up for FreeFiltering, think about your children. Mason says kids are exposed to ideas at school that you might not appreciate, and that you probably have no control over. Then your kids come home, get on the Internet, and within a few seconds they “spiral into catastrophic physical and spiritual harm.”


Polarizing Effect

This concept and type of movement is not new in the online safety area. However, many will argue against what Mason is offering. In fact, the debate is quite polarizing right now regarding; the information that should be afforded to children in schools, and at what age. Similarly, the LGBTQ+ movement in the United States has been described as discriminatory to the point of extremism in of itself, against those with beliefs contrary to their own.


Regardless, this argument is starting to create an unnecessary division in society. Protecting children from online harm is essential. Parents should have the right to make their own choices regarding appropriate and inappropriate content. It is genuinely unfortunate people do not have a “live and let live” approach in the online world. That said, what do you think, does Mason have a legitimate argument?


Please let us know. Do you support Michael Lee Mason and his new internet filter?


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