Internet Safety Advice for Parents

Two out of every three Post Primary students, asked to send, or have received Sexualised Images – Advice for Parents


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Students at Coláiste Bríde in Clondalkin, Co. Dublin, recently discovered in a study, that two out of every three people in the school, had received a sexualized image, or had been asked for one. The results led students to launch their own Sexting awareness campaign. Sexting is an obvious source of concern for the parents of young teens. It can also be a big problem for teens themselves. Imagine how difficult it must be, to exist in an online environment, where all of your own friends, followers and peers are exchanging sexualized images.

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Internet Safety Advice for Parents

Is it time for the whole family to take a ‘Digital Detox’?


Digital Detox

Every now and again, we may try to Detox our bodies, by eating healthier, exercising and generally just taking better care of ourselves. In doing so, we begin to feel better, as we release the toxins build up in our system. Some are inspired to take a step towards a detox after an overindulgence on a Holiday, or after Christmas.

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Internet Safety Advice for Parents

Children sharing inappropriate images can have harmful consequences !!


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Today we would like to discuss, how harmful it can be for children to share inappropriate images of themselves, with others when using their devices. Incredibly we have found that children in Irish Primary Schools in 5th and 6th class, are very aware of this behaviour. What some children can believe is a just a funny image or photo of themselves, can have really serious long negative effects if shared with others.

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Sexting Information Videos




What is Sexting ?




This video is aimed at young children to teach them what can happen if they were to take or share an inappropriate image and how quick it can spread 



This is a series of videos aimed at teens





This series of videos are aimed at parents who discover an image of their child has been shared







Internet Safety Advice for Parents

A Kerry National School has banned 6th class students access to digital devices. All parents should now follow their lead.


Blennerville National School


This week, it was revealed that Blennerville National School, near Tralee in Co Kerry, agreed with parents in the school, that it was time to put a ban on digital device access for students. There had been a number of incidents revolving around the access and sharing of inappropriate content and Cyberbullying. The ban on devices at home, is an 11-week pilot programme. What we would describe as a Digital Detox, only for the children in sixth class. This decision is similar to one we have been promoting in National Schools for some time now that children should never be given a ‘Smartphone’. We had been anxiously waiting to see a community who would come together and formulate a plan such as this in Ireland. A first step on this path has been publicly taken by a school and parents. We would hope that all parents would look with great interest upon it, and follow-up and try this themselves.

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Children of the Digital Age



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Children of the Digital Age, was created to deliver Cyber Safety, Online Privacy and Data Protection information to people of all ages all over Ireland. We also now provide educational courses on Pornography and Gaming Addiction. Our goal is empowerment through enjoyable education seminars. Cyber and Internet Safety issues, such as Cyberbullying, Screen Addiction and Sexting, and Pornography Addiction and access, are now only part of the changing and rapidly expanding Cyber landscape. Patents no longer want to attend presentations, to hear the same message repeated year on year. Getting parents to attend to these incredibly important information evenings is essential for successfully educating both young and old, about the existing and constantly emerging new threats we all face in the online world.



Our Focus

Our focus at Children of the Digital Age, has never been about specific Social Media Apps or Privacy Settings. We strongly believe this information is readily available from a variety of sources online. Knowing this, we chose to identify the real hazards and current dangers which are making people susceptible online. Often, it is down to simple human nature. The issues we highlight have a direct impact on everyone, not just children. This is what makes us unique.


We do not rely on a single presentation format, rather, our content dynamic and constantly evolving, addressing new potential risks the moment they arise.  Since our inception, we have highlighted, the invasive nature of Apps and potential hazards of Social Media and Pornography. A core element of our Cyber Safety presentations is the misuse of Personal Information and Data through Apps installed on digital devices. Our primary function is always focused on the protection of children online.



 5 Star Quality Content

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver very humorous, eye-catching presentations, which have captivated audiences all over Ireland. Regardles of the audience age, we consistantly receive incredible feedback from all those who attend. Children of the Digital Age have a 5 star rating on Facebook from those who have attended our presentations.  We also are one of the only companies in Ireland capable meeting the educational Online Safety needs, of those with intellectual disabilities. We can design specific Cyber Safety content, programs and information evenings on almost every online issue on request.


If you are considering an Online Safety Workshop, Parents Evening, Community Group Meeting, Staff Presentation or looking for a Keynote Speaker, give us a call. We can guarantee our style, approach and content is second to none in Ireland at present.


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