“Wow” – Parent


“Extremely informative evening for parents.” – Parent


“Very good talk and feel better equipped to help keep our kids safer on social media.”        Parent


“Just been to your lecture (as it was much more informative than just a talk) & it was the most interesting, beneficial & useful 2 hours of information gathering, I’ve had in an awfully long time. So important for my family & personal internet use.


Thank you & those of the Parent Association & Staff of Broadford National School Co. Limerick who organised it.” – Parent


“This was probably one of the best presentations I have seen. The children participated in age appropriate sessions during school time and parents were then invited to attend an information evening later in the day. Although the content of the talk was of a serious nature, Jason’s sense of humour and natural communication skills meant that audience attention was held all the way through. It opened our eyes to the dangers facing children of ” the digital era” and the negative impact that overuse of technology can have on their mental health. I would strongly urge parents to attend this talk when the opportunity arises. Míle buíochas Jason.” – Parent


“Very engaging. Relevant to their experience – Easy format – Age appropriate, Excellent value for money. Very broad ranging and most informative. A must for every school to equip both pupils and parents on best practice in relation to the internet.” – Principal


“Huge Thank You to Children of the Digital Age for the informative and educational talk today to the Adult Students and the Staff of the Ennis VTOS programme. Highly recommend.” – Parent




Children of the Digital Age

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“James came in to our school do age appropriate lessons with the pupils. He had an excellent rapport with the children. The sessions were fun and interactive but gave a clear message about their online safety and the steps children (and their parents) need to take to protect their safety online. There followed in the evening a presentation to parents and staff drawing attention to specific safety concerns, such as sharing whereabouts, photos and personal information. It was a frightening and sobering reminder of the dangers we all, but especially our children, face online and how parents are best placed to ensure their children’s safety. Thank you James and CODA” – Parent


“We work with young people who are impacted on a daily basis by social media and this workshop was tailored to meet the needs of all the staff in a highly informative, professional manner. I would highly recommend.” – Kerry Rape Crisis Centre


“What an amazing talk we had tonight in Hazelwood Collage in highlighting “Children of the Digital Age” The speaker was just outstanding. He opened up a lot of eyes to the reality of what our kids are open up to every day on the devices we allow them to be on. He highlighted so much that we as parents need to be aware of. Every school should have him visit their school to do a talk as it starting from age 9 years of age and upwards.” – Parent



Children of the Digital Age

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“Well done last night, a very good presentation. That was the first ever presentation on the use of modern technology that was so focused and also so comprehensive”  – Central Executive Committee of Coiste na nÓg Chiarraí


“A most helpful talk at our school last night & the best 2 hours investment in my kids. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. The info we got is the hot topic for us parents today – so much to learn” – Parent


“Thank for the excellent presentations yesterday, the children were all chat about your visit and really engaged with you. The parents evening was a real eye opener & very informative . Your passion & vast knowledge was brilliantly delivered. You got us all thinking and talking about internet safety and how we must take responsibility for our own children’s safety online.” – Parent


“Very worthwhile service for both pupils and parents.  Very satisfied with the outcome for both parties” – Principal


“This was an informative presentation to parents on children’s internet usage, popular apps and how to encourage an expressive relationship with them on what they should do when exposed to inappropriate information online.” – Parent


“Attended a talk on the use of digital devices this evening at the school. Can’t believe how uneducated I was about the whole digital age world. I taught I know enough to keep my kids safe online how wrong was I. Advice attend a talk if ye can eye-opening” – Parent


“I really enjoyed the presentation last night. To be honest it has opened my eyes! I thought I was clued in, but not as much as I should be. I had a great chat with my kids this morning and we are all making changes.” – Parent



Children of the Digital Age

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“Fantastic and informative talk last night in my kid’s school. They got a very informative talk also which made them think about their use of electronics.” – Parent


“What an eye opener !!! Scary world our children are growing up in .. so glad I attended this meeting tonight” – Parent


“Opened my eyes a lot and James was very good I have told all my family and friends”       – Parent


“Super support for parents. Great Facebook page but the school presentation was simply brilliant & had us parents talking for weeks.” – Parent


“Jason just gave a presentation this evening to parents in Kilcolman National School. As a parent of a 15, 12 and 11-year-old I have to say he was very informative. Thanks for an excellent presentation.” – Parent


“Excellent presentation full of useful information about how to protect your children in the digital age. Well done.” – Parent


“Great talk last night in Holy Family NS. So informative and eye-opening and totally necessary for anyone whose children are online” – Parent


“Attended a talk last week by Jason. ….very informative and highly recommend him.”        – Parent 


“I understand that every parent should have a guide to safeguard the bright future of the rising nations..OUR KIDS.. Good WORK TEAM ( CHILDREN OF DIGITAL AGE )”                      – Parent