Internet Safety Advice for Parents

A Kerry National School has banned 6th class students access to digital devices. All parents should now follow their lead.

This week, it was revealed that Blennerville National School, near Tralee in Co Kerry, agreed with parents in the school, that it was time to put a ban on digital device access for students. There had been a number of incidents revolving around the access and sharing of inappropriate content and Cyberbullying. The ban on devices at home, is an 11-week pilot programme. What we would describe as a Digital Detox, only for the children in sixth class.

An Introduction to Social Media Platforms

Internet Safety, Cyber Safety, Ireland, Children of the digital age, online safety     Welcome to an introduction on Social Media Platforms Social Media platforms are websites or applications for smart phone or smart digital devices that allow its users to post information, interests, photos/videos, idea’s. It also allows users to make social connections all… Continue reading An Introduction to Social Media Platforms


Children of the Digital Age, or CODA is a company created to inform people of all ages, how to employ Cyber Defence Strategies to protect themselves online, regardless of age. Our goal is empowerment through education to address the multiple risks and dangers faced online. Many will be aware of issues such as Cyber Bullying, Screen Addiction and Sexting, but these very serious issues are now only part of the changing and sometimes hazardous online landscape.