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Children of the Digital Age, or CODA is a company created to inform people of all ages, how to employ Cyber Defence Strategies to protect themselves online, regardless of age. Our goal is empowerment through education to address the multiple risks and dangers faced online. Many will be aware of issues such as Cyber Bullying, Screen Addiction and Sexting, but these very serious issues are now only part of the changing and sometimes hazardous online landscape. At CODA we realised very early on, that in order to educate people about Online Safety, it needed a different approach.

Our focus has never been on specific Apps or Settings, as we strongly believe this information is already available from many sources. Instead we attempt to identify the hazards and dangers we are all susceptible to, due to human nature, regardless of the user being a child or adult. Since our inception we have highlighted the invasive nature of Apps and Social Media. The misuse of Personal Information and Data remains one of the core elements in all of our presentations.

As issues arise online, our level of awareness increases. The knowledge we gain from research studies worldwide, and from those whose primary function is Child Protection, are introduced immediately to all of our presentation. We have never relied on a single presentation format, rather our content is constantly evolving to address potential risks as they arise. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver humorous, eye-catching dynamic presentations, which will captivate our audiences. We are one of only a handful of companies who continue to receive a 5 star rating on Facebook for our content.  We are also privileged to be one of the few companies in Ireland, who have designed educational modules to specifically to meet the needs of those with intellectual disabilities.

The company has gone from strength to strength since its inception founded by and designed by a First Class Honours Masters of Sciences graduate from UCD in Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation, Jason O Mahony. With a background in Law Enforcement, Company Director James Neary has experience and knowledge in the area of Online Child Exploitation, which is second only to the company’s Specialist advisor Mick Moran the former Assistant Director of Child Exploitation with Interpol.

With the input of newest team member Rory Harrison, also who also not only holds a Master’s Degree in Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigations but also has extensive law enforcement experience, our current level of knowledge in this area is second to none. Rory’s focus revolves around Online Personal Privacy and Data Protection. The company founder Jason O Mahony, continues to further broaden his awareness and understanding of online human behaviour, through the study and research of Cyberpsychology and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

Our courses are designed specifically to meet the needs of

  • Primary and Post Primary Schools.

We combine a Parental Cyber Defence module with the Primary and Post Primary student module, to create a greater awareness and understanding between children and parents with the primary emphasis on communication and the protection of personal privacy.

  • Third Level Education

Our focus here for students of third level institutes, is on Mental Health and Wellbeing combined with Online Reputation Management and methods of Online Sterilisation. The ability of employers to use Open Source Information to profile potential candidates for future employment is an important consideration for those who are currently creating a Digital Footprint, which could have a potentially negative impact of career choices.

  • Staff Presentations

We have also designed modules for businesses who wish to provide presentations for staff. These presentations can be adapted to address concerns about Social Engineering and Malware threat vectors.

  • Keynote Speakers

We have successfully presented at everything from Conferences to Local Community based Information Evenings. As we are not restricted to a particular area of Online Safety, CODA speakers can address online issues which are having an impact not only on Personal Privacy and Security but also on the Mental Health and Wellbeing of end users.


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