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Welcome to the Children of the Digital Age, Online Safety eLearning page. We are one of the most recognised and sought after companies in Ireland. We provide online safety educational content to parents, children, and teens, both in Ireland and internationally. Along the way we have encountered many parents, who have expressed serious concerns regarding their ability to protect their own children online.


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Parents will learn about existing online dangers, cyberbullying, privacy issues, online sexual predators and much more. With this extensive course, you can work through each lesson at your own pace. Learn how to effectively and easily protect your children from exposure to harmful online content, with our parental control guides. You will also learn why it is so important for you to have a very open level of communication, with your children about all online issues.


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Our aim here is simple. To encourage and promote the use of a safe online environment for children of all ages. As Digital Citizens, it’ s essential for children to access to the online world. However, we recommend that your child’s online activity is monitored and restricted. A child’s ability to fully understand the risks they may encounter, should always dictate their level of online access. Children need to know what to do in the if they encounter trouble online. By working together, it is possible to increase a child’s confidence and resilience. Through education and practice, children can learn to deal whatever issue they encounter online.


Ultimate Parental Control Guide


Check out our new Ultimate Online Safety and Parental Control Guide 2020 for all your online safety needs.


Delivering fascinating, fun and informative, Cyber Safety and Personal Privacy Presentations, based on the currents trends, threats and dangers encountered by both children and parents. We are now also available for Data Protection and GDPR Consultancy

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