Please Hepl Me

Many have commented about me online regarding going sick from work. There is a suggestion that I’m on full pay as a result of my experiences and mistreatment in Killarney Garda Station.

That’s not entirely true. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. I was declared medically unfit to work as a result of my experiences in Killarney by An Garda Siochana in December 2016.

I have effectively been benched in sporting times since then. To those who mistakenly assume I am on pay. I’m not. For the majority of the last 4 years, no pay.

I have scraped and struggled to survive. Trying to use my ability to lecture in online topics just to keep my head above water.

What’s worse, I’m pleading to the Garda Commissioner to be let go.its only a simple stroke of a pen. Despite everything I have experienced to date, he has requested I await the completion of the GSOC investigation. Wait until then, before I am afforded a lifeline to live. How long is a piece of string.

Seriously, how am I expected to continue to survive through an extending, intentionally devastating and unending finiancial punishment beating. Eexpected to live on nothing but the kindness of charity of those close. To wait until what I have accounted for honestly is proven true.

It wasn’t bad enough being called a “Dirty Filthy Norrie” by colleagues in Killarney on a daily basis for 6 years, without being demeaned to the point of complete poverty for years. Losing absolutely everything in the mean time of value to me.

Ive already said, 2020 it ends. No more. Time for it to stop. 14 days from now Im gone, I resign from AGS. As an organisation, you may not have any empathy for me, but I’m done. I’m walking. Your boot comes off my throat one way or another.

Please share this post with every one you know who may be able to stop this abuse. Please share this post and support me

People power is strong, and I’m asking everyone online for help. People power help.

Children of the Digital Age