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What is a Patron?

A Patron, is an individual who donates in order to support a belief, or a foundation they believe in. It's an opportunity to become part of a greater social conscience. It enables individuals to be part of something larger. Knowing you are becoming part of an attempt to achieve a positive change for the better.


Why Become a Patron?

We have been fortunate enough to have been asked to afford our time to assist global advocates research the global financial activity of MindGeek.  This has been a huge honour and privilege to be part of such an enormous endeavour.

You can help us afford to release our  collective findings by contributing what you can to the endless hours contributed to this most worthwhile cause. We know this research will make a significant difference, and also hold the MindGeek executives responsible for their involvement.

By becoming a Patron of , you will also become part of a global initiative. A fight to protect women and , against the experience and exposure of online harm, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking. There are very few more important crusades than this.

All Patron's donations go directly to making an immediate difference achieved through our ongoing research and updating of existing educational content.

Over the last 5 years, we have worked tirelessly to educate parents and children. Up to now, we never had to actively seek funding. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has impacted the funding normally reinvested in to our research and development.


Together we can make a change

Right now, we desperately need Patrons. People who are willing to stand with us. So that we can weather this financial storm. There's a sad irony in this once in a millennium pandemic experience. With children so isolated at home, they are spending more time online. Increasing numbers are now exposed to online harm, exploitation, and abuse at a far higher rate than ever before.

Funding is essential. The innocent and vulnerable still need us. Parents, schools, colleges, and businesses still need help and education. Now more than ever. For us to achieve this, we need the means and the resources to be able to reach all of those who need the services we afford.


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