have delivered premier content Internet Safety and Security Presentations both online and off, at home and internationality since 2015.  Issues, such as Cyberbullying, are now only part of the changing and rapidly expanding cyber safety landscape. There is now legislation to protect victims of cyberbullying and non-consensual image sharing in Ireland.

However, there has been a huge increase in the number of people of all ages, falling victim to harm online. Ransomware, data breaches, online sexual exploitation revenge porn are at record levels. Outside of these obvious dangers, many more teens and are generating a negative digital footprint, which will have lifelong consequences.

We are now the only Irish company who can provide specific workshops on each of these areas, along with countless others on demand, to adults, , those with intellectual difficulties and corporate entities.


Our Focus

Our focus at , has never been about specific Social Media, Apps or Privacy Settings. We strongly believe this information is readily available from a variety of sources online and can be delivered by anybody. Knowing this, we chose instead to focus on how the online world influences human behaviour. We identify the real hazards, and pitfalls which are making people susceptible to harm, both online and off. Often, the risks people take online are simply down to human nature. Understanding how people react online, in any given situation, protects you.


Content for Parents

Parents no longer want to attend online safety presentations. Who wants to hear the same message repeated year on year? Yet, ensuring parents attend these incredibly important information evenings is essential. The online world is constantly evolving. So, it is essential to inform both young and old, about the existing and constantly emerging new threats, we all face every time we go online. The issues we highlight during our presentations, have a direct impact on everyone, not just and teens. This is what makes our workshops, completely unique. It is also designed to ensure complete engagement by attendees by being both interesting and captivating.


We do not rely on a single presentation format; our content is dynamic and constantly evolving. We have endeavoured to address potential new online dangers, the moment they arise with our audience. Our primary focus is, to ensure the protection of both adults and online, as well as off.

It is only when you fully appreciate understanding, why we make the decisions that we do online, can we really understand the consequences for a making a negative one.


5 Star Quality Content

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver very humorous, eye-catching presentations, which have captivated audiences both all over Ireland and internationally. Regardless of the audience age, we consistently receive incredibly positive feedback from all of those who attend. have received a 5-star rating on Facebook from those who have attended presentations since 2016.


We are one of the few companies capable meeting the educational Online Safety needs, of those with intellectual disabilities. We can design specific workshops and information evenings on almost any cyber related issue upon request. If you are considering holding an Online Safety Workshop, Parents Evening, Community Group Meeting, Staff Presentation or looking for a speaker, for a Corporate even, give us a call. We can guarantee our style, approach and content is second to none in Ireland at present. Have a look at the services we provide here.

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